Professional Teeth Whitening in Woodland Hills CA

Are your teeth not as white as you remembered?  Certain lifestyle habits such as tobacco use and drinking coffee in conjunction with aging will cause a gradual darkening of the teeth.

Luckily professional teeth whitening is a safe, comfortable and affordable procedure.  At our Woodland Hills, CA dental office we offer the most effective take-home whitening system to help our patients regain that bright and youthful smile!

Custom Take-Home Teeth Whitening System

Our office works with the Opalesence (maybe link to their site?) whitening to give you the brilliant, confident simle you’ve always wanted. A set of custom trays are made with molds of your teeth to house the whitening gel. Trays can be retained for future touch ups as needed.

You simply place the recommended amount of whitening gel into your tray and apply for the recommended period of time. The custom trays will make sure the gel is concentrated on your teeth and not your gums. The advantage of the take-home system minimizes any sensitivity of the teeth. Get all the whitening and none of the sensitivity!

Common Side Effects

The majority of patients can whiten their teeth without experiencing any side effects.  However, in certain cases due to recession of the gums you may experience sensitivty.  Generally, reducing the amount of time and frequency of whitening gel or having a fluoride treatment can help reduce these side effects and you can continue to whiten without issue.

Remember with our system a little goes a long way.  Make sure you are not over-filling more than what you are instructed to put into your trays.

Many People Are Unhappy With Their Smiles

Are you one of the many people that don’t smile as much as you used to in photos?  We don’t want you hiding that smile, we are here to help!  Teeth whitening is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to revive your stunning smile.  Our Woodland Hills teeth whitening team has several treatment options for your personal whitening needs

The foods and beverages we consume on a daily basis can leave deposits on teeth causing staining.  In some cases some of these stains cannot be simply brushed off and removed.  Some of these foods contain what are called, chromogens, which are responsible for these stains.  These stains can penetrate enamel and sink deep into the tooth surface.  Over time, these stains continue to accumulate giving your teeth a grey and yellow appearance.  Teeth whitening can help combat this process.

Affordable Teeth Whitening Woodland Hills

Come see our expert team for your tooth whitening right here in Woodland Hills.  Opalesence whitening system uses a special blend of hydrogen peroxide to help penetrate deep into the tooth to break up the staining.  Oxygen molecules from the whitening gel break up the bonds of the stains within the enamel of the tooth.

Our expert doctor can recommend the right concentration for your specific case to achieve the whitening level you deserve.

After your have achieved your desired shade a specific set of care instructions will be provided to you to help you maintain your bright, white smile.  Making sure you are doing your home care brushing twice daily and flossing at least once a day will help maintain your whitening effect.