What is a tooth crown and an implant crown?

A tooth crown is a prosthetic that caps the visible part of a tooth that still has its structural integrity. In most cases, a crown will be used if your tooth is badly decayed as a way to protect it from additional damage and stop the cavity from expanding.

Implant crowns are the same as tooth crowns, but instead of placing them on your tooth, they are attached to a previously placed implant. This is the final step of a surgical procedure, which requires placement of a metal – such as titanium into the jawbone. Implants are stable and don’t affect nearby teeth, thus making them easy to care for.

Benefit of implant crowns

Cleaning of implant crowns

Just as you take care of your natural teeth, hygiene is the most important factor for the implant crowns longevity. They need to be brushed regularly, floss and visit the dentist every 4 do 6 months.