Dental Implants in Woodland Hills

Smiles By Eddie is proud to offer implant dentistry serving Woodland Hills, CA. Dr. Edmond Ahdoot and his staff are expertly trained, knowledgeable, and experienced in the use of implants to replace missing or problematic teeth.

Living with missing teeth is detrimental to your long term oral (and therefore overall) health. In fact, many people with missing teeth can experience problems with their bite and jaw, causing discomfort and chronic pain.

Remember, your teeth are for a lot more than just chewing and smiling!

Implant dentistry can allow you to finally eat the foods you live, smile large, and not worry about loose or ill-fitting dentures causing you embarrassment.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically placed in the jaw as a pseudo-root of an artificial tooth. Over time the implants will naturally fuse with the jawbone. This is called osseointegration and it will be a rigidly integrated fixture in the mouth.

This process takes a varying amount of time for each patient, but osseointegration usually takes around six months.

Dental Implant Process

Prior Treatment

The first step is to determine whether or not dental implants are the right fit for you. Dr. Ahdoot is experienced in making that determination based on overall health and strength of your jawbone (as the jaw begins to deteriorate the longer a tooth is missing).

The next step is the surgery of drilling the post followed by placing the abutment, and then capping the abutment with a replacement tooth.

For more information on the dental implant process, please visit this page.

Other Dental Implant Services

Smiles By Eddie is proud to offer the following Dental Implant Services:

Every dental implant process is unique to the individual requiring it. For some, the process could last a few months and in the worst cases it can last over a year. For our patients at Smiles By Eddie, we believe the process is well worth the waiting to improve the overall quality of your health and peace of mind. Contact our office to receive your personalized dental implant consultation today.