What is Bone Grafting

When you need to remove a tooth, and a dental implant is not placed right away the jaw bone usually shrinks. The result is often significant bone loss. This bone loss is the natural resorption process that typically causes bone deformation. In order to have a dental implant and teeth at a later date, you may need more bone to anchor the implant. This is where the bone grafting procedure takes place and helps to restore that bone loss. The healing process until a solid bone mass is created usually takes around 3 to 6 months. Bone grafting procedures are safe, and their success keeps improving with new technologies.

Bone graft healing

Bone grafts immediately prompt the healing process. While all patients have various healing times the majority of patients who have a bone graft done show faster healing time with minimal swelling or post operative pain. The initial recovery period will last about seven to ten days and should be supplemented with antibiotics and pain medication as directed by your dentist.